My #1 Can’t-Live-Without Thing.

Well actually, #2.

The #1 thing I can’t live without is God.

#1 Thing here on Earth… well that’s simple.

My Boo.

We have been married for 1.5 years, today.

So, because of my vast amounts of experience in the marriage realm, I thought it would be only fitting to share a couple of things I have learned so far.

#1  Find one or two couples that have marriages that you hope to have and learn from them.

People that have been divorced or are miserably suffering through the next 50 years aren’t going to be able to tell you how to have a fanastic marriage.

If they knew- they would have one, right?

I’m not saying they are bad people at all… just that they aren’t the people that I would take marital advice from.

#2 Find out what his personality is and what he needs… give it to him… joyfully!


I have a very loud, outgoing, always on the move, excited, lets have fun NOW personality.

My husband does not.

I can get very upset (which I’m working on) and then get over it very quickly because, well, let’s be honest.  Being sad isn’t fun. And I’m all about fun.

He is almost always calm.

I like to go out and do things and be around people and talk… BOY do I love to talk.

My husband does not.

He likes quiet alone time to recharge and relax.

I don’t relax.

He likes to take time and think about things and weigh all the options.

Me… not so much.

I think you get the idea…

#3 Take pleasure in doing nice things for him… no matter how small they seem.

I’m not a fan of laundry, cooking, cleaning, taking out the trash, picking up socks, or doing the dishes.

BUT… I do it.

I am working more and more each day to be more and more joyful about it too.

My husband likes things picked up and organized… he works better that way and is much more comfortable.

I have the opportunity to do something to make his day better.

Don’t think of it as doing the laundry… again.

Think of it as getting to give your husband a special treat.

It’s all perspective baby…

Besides… if you didn’t have any, clean underwear would be a treat! haha

#4 Let him lead.

This was a hard one for me.

But, anything with 2 heads is a monster.

Enough said.

#5 Laugh.

You are going to be together forever.

You’ve got time to figure things out.

Have some fun and laugh about how silly things get.

There are lots of dance breaks and wrestling matches in our house because sometimes you just need to lighten the mood.

This is a picture from about 3 years ago, that’s why my hair was so short.  I had just cut off the last of the fried/permed/poodle hair.


That’s all I got.

I love you boo, so much- you are the bestest friend in the world and I’m so thankful that you chose me to be your co-pilot! 🙂


New Hair… REVEALED! haha

I did it!

Here’s a picture of my hair RIGHT after I got it done.

Sorry for the shadows… I was in my car and super excited 🙂

I really like it, I feel like it makes my eyes stand out more, because it draws the eye to that area.

Having hair on my face all the time is definitely something that I have to get used to, though.

I feel like it makes me look older, which is helpful, because people think I’m 14.

Anywho, hope you are all having a great day!

I will keep you posted with any new hair ideas I discover for bangs.

Bangs and Bobby pins,



Bang! Bang!


I am still alive.


I have not abandoned you, I just haven’t felt too inspired lately to write about anything.

But now- I have a topic.

I’m getting bangs!

I am pretty sure that I am making this out to be much more of a “thing” than it really is…

Actually I know I am, when I went for a consult, the stylist came out and told me, “You know, bangs are really that big of a deal, you don’t need to worry so much- they grow back.”

Words of wisdom from Ivana, people…

So my inspiration for bangs is from 2 people:

1. Lea Michele’s gorgeous piecey eye-grazing bangs.

And also Carlie from the Shaytards show on Youtube.

(The pic is fuzzy because it is a screen shot from a video.)

If you don’t watch Shaytards , then you’re missing out!  Its a family that does daily vlogs (video blogs for those of you who didn’t know it was 2010), and just takes you along for the adventure.  Its definitely family-friendly, and its always funny!   Make sure you subscribe to their channel on YouTube so you can get their videos sent right to your inbox everyday!

Anyways… I’m excited to get bangs.

I haven’t had REAL bangs since I was super little.

I’ve had long, side swept bangs, but I don’t think those really count.

It will be a fun change without losing any length on my hair that I am going to try and grow out for a few months longer.

Katilette (Mommytard) on the Shaytards show has super long beautiful hair that goes down to her butt, and everytime I see her hair, I wish my hair would grow longer, faster.

I will show you some before and afters once I cut my hair… probably in a couple days, but we’ll see when I actually get around to doing it!

Until next time…

What’s your mane issue?

Here is the PERFECT date, work, anytime look!

I am swooning over Selena’s make up in this picture!

Its perfect.

Not too dramatic, so its definitely feasible for day time, but the shimmer gives it a glam-night-out look.

Her hair is great too.

A simple low chignon/bun with some volume at the crown.

The part keeps it from looking too dressy, so it can work for daytime too.

Now for the close-up.

It looks like she has a pink shimmery color all over her lid, with a medium brown in the crease.  There is a little smokey action going on with her eyeliner extended a little past the lash line on the top and a dark grey/black in the outer “v”.

I can’t wait to try this look! 🙂

Old Hollywood Glam

I was going through some pictures from NYFW that I’ve collected and I fell in love with this.

There’s just something about the old Hollywood Glam waves that never gets old.

This is from the L’Wren Scott Show.

It was definitely a refreshing change from the grunge-y center part look that I covered in one of my previous posts.

Tweet! Tweet!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m now on twitter!!

Follow me and tell your friends!!!

NYFW’s Mane Event #1

I’m going to do a couple installments of New York Fashion Week’s Mane Event.

Today’s post was common in lots of shows, although,  I only showcased 6.

This look has been around for awhile now, and frankly- I’m getting tired of it.

I don’t think its as much the center part as it is the harsh center part.

It just doesn’t really go with the messy, carefree, bedhead waves.

Maybe it’s just me… any of you loving this look and glad its not going anywhere?

Messy Hair and Happy Thoughts,