I am happy to announce that my hair is almost back to my favorite extra-long length. I am probably going to let it grow even longer until I decide exactly how I want to get it styled with layers and possibly bangs.

I took this last night in my closet.  (hence the clothes/hangers)

The last time it was this long was back during the summer of my junior year of high school. I would always cut my hair to about shoulder length in the winter for volleyball season because my ponytail was so long it would whip me in the face. Then by summer it would have grown back to my normal length.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of perming it my senior year and it has been an uphill journey from there.

For any of you other ladies trying to grow out your hair, here are a few tips that can help speed up the process:

1.  Avoid heat (blow drying, flat iron, curling) if at all possible.
2.  If you do use a flat iron or curling iron start in the middle and slide down to the ends- they are the oldest and most fragile parts of your hair…. if you leave them clamped in the iron, they will more than likely break
3.  Use nylon material hair ties (like these) instead of elastics, they have a loser hold and won’t break your hair.
4.  Avoid tight elastic headbands- they also cause breakage.
5.  ALWAYS use a heat protector.
6.  Keep your hair hydrated- I use a little bit of olive oil and concentrate it on the ends- it hydrates and repairs hair and makes it look sooooo shiny! (Just don’t use too much or put it near the roots or it will look greasy!)
7.  Only use a wide tooth comb on wet hair… or if its possible, wait until its dry.

Let me know if you are also trying to grow your hair out and if you have a specific look or reason that inspired you to do so.  That way, we can all track it together!

Until next time…. what’s your mane issue?