I’m sure you all have at least one of these stories…

1. You went to the hairstylist for a celebrity inspired haircut that you have been drooling over and you walk out looking like your stylist suffered from a bout of seizures while cutting.

2. You are having some very unhealthy feelings toward your hair after several consecutive days of bad hair and you want to change something NOW.

3.  Your friend suggests that you let her trim up your side bangs/fringe (“…it’ll be so easy!  It will only take a second… I do it ALL the time…oops.”)

If you’re like me… you’ve suffered from all 3.  (and no… she and I aren’t friends any more hehe)

Well… I have come to realize that I don’t really trust anyone with my hair (except for my favorite stylist, Michael, who is back in MI), so why don’t I just figure out how to cut my hair myself?!… and I don’t mean full out cutting- I stick to layers and side fringe… somethings need to be left to the professionals people!

So yesterday, I went on a quest to find some good YouTube videos that show how to cut your hair, and some pictures for inspiration.  While I didn’t find any layering videos that I like, there are a couple side fridge videos that were great and I would love to share them with you!

** I loveeeee me some Kandee!**

**She just cracks me up… so silly!**

Oh, in case you were wondering… the hair cutting went great!  I have a razor that I used to create some long side fringe, add a couple chin-length layers, and take some weight off the inside.  The front of my hair was just getting toooooooo heavy and was pulling down on my face, looking extra BLAH.

So… what’s your mane issue?