Hi! This one is going to be short and sweet… because I tend to get long winded and well, why not mix it up!?

So anyways… I have already mentioned that I have weird wavy hair, so in order for it to be straight I have to flat iron it.

“But wait!  Couldn’t you just do a blow out with a round brush and a blow dryer?”

Well… if you asked me that a couple days ago, I would have said probably not.

I always loved how beautiful and flowy the  girl’s hair would look when it would get blown out… but for me… that was another story.

It would be too small of a round brush, that would just wrap around my hair in a tangled mess.

It would make my hair supppppppper static-y as soon as the brush touched my hair.

Or my personal favorite- my hair would get twisted around in the space between the brush and the handle and it would rip my hair out.

Well… the other day I went to TJ Maxx and was pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of super big round brushes for really cheap… I’m talking about boar bristle brushes for $4 people!

I grabbed the biggest one, which was about 3-4″ in diameter that had a hollow core to allow air flow in from the blow dryer, but it was metal so it would heat up too.  It is a mixed boar bristle brush with a wood handle and made by Conair.  The brush was all one piece so there wasn’t a spot for hair to get stuck in.

I used it super quick when my hair was about 75% dry, just it just helped make it straight.

I will probably do a video doing a full blow out and let you see how I like it.

Let me know how you guys get straight hair!… do you use blow outs or always flat iron?