I thought I would be able to hold out longer before getting off topic, but I found this really great nail polish that I wanted to share with you (whoever you are… who knows if anyone reads this yet…?).

I got a pedicure last week and got a bright purple/fushia color with a cute white design on my big toe. I had been holding out on painting my finger nails because I wasn’t sure what would look good but not be too matchy.

(Enter in new nail polish…) Well problem solved! I was walking around the beauty aisles at Meijer the other night and saw that Sally Hansen nail polish was 50% off. So of course I had to take a look.  DA DA DAAAAAAA! I found an awesome greige (grey+beige) color called “wet cement”.  It  really compliments with the brightness of the toes purple and doesn’t compete with it.  What do you think?


So…What’s your favcorite nail combo?