Day 2: Barely There Waves

DISCLAIMER:  I am posting pictures and info for the hairstyle from the previous day.  (yesterday’s post was my hairstyle on the 2nd, today’s post was my hairstyle on the 3rd, etc.)

Moving right along…

Day 2 was a “NO HEAT” kinda day.  It was Friday, and I just didn’t feel like breaking out the hairdryer.

How I did it:

I washed my hair and wrapped it up in a towel for about 15 minutes.

Then I combed it and added Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Split End Protector to the ends and Satinique Volumizing Mousse all over and let it air dry.

Once it was about 80% dry I split my hair into 2 sections and twisted it, gathering sections from the back as I went.  This creates a nice wave that looks much more natural than a french braid.

I then let my hair dry completely, which was about an hour. (my hair takes hours to dry).

Then I took out the twists and shook my hair out.

I sprayed Aussie Sprunch Spray (the only reason I use it is because it smells so stinking good!) and scrunched my hair lightly.

And… TA DAAAAAA! You got yourself some “barely there” waves! 🙂

(Sorry for the Emo Looks… My camera wasn’t cooperating and I was getting SUPER frustrated!)


Twisting Hair: 2 minutes

Undoing Hair and Scrunching: 1 minute

TOTAL TIME: 3 MINUTES (not including drying time)

Until tomorrow…. what’s your mane issue?