Day 6: Braided Side Bun

Well, I thought I would make up for my pathetic excuse for hairstyles this weekend with a bit of an updo.

I was really surprised with how easy this was too!

It is great for people with layers (me) or if you don’t have a lot of time to style your hair (everyone).

I made attempted to do a tutorial on this that didn’t work out very well

To be honest, I was trying to decide what I was going to do with my hair as I was doing it. hehe

It is funny if nothing else… so I will try and use my editing skills to put something worthwhile together and I will add a link to my youtube channel after it’s done. (video at the bottom!)

Now that I’ve blabbed on and on…

Back View


Close up of the Bun

How To:

1. Part your hair to one side.

2. Start your french braid at the crown of your head on the side with the least amount of hair.

3. French Braid hair towards the opposite ear.

4. Once you get to the nape of your neck right behind your ear, secure with an elastic.

5. Back comb ponytail and then braid, securing with an elastic at the end.

6. Wrap braided ponytail around the base of the pony, pinning as you go.

7. Tuck in the ends and pin.

8.  Pull out pieces to frame your face if you want and hairspray.

Total Time: 7 minutes!

This is the first time I’ve done this look and I love it!  You could do a looser braid and bun and it can look very casual and romantic, or you can keep a very tight sleek braid and bun and it would look great as an up do for a wedding or fancy shmancy date! 🙂

I hope whoever is reading this is enjoying

(and Darrin… thanks for reading this everyday although it doesn’t apply to you or probably interest you at all… you’re the best husband ever!)

BTW… he’s subscribed to my blog to get up to date emails… so you should be too 😉

From braids to buns to bobby pins… what’s your mane issue?