Day 7: Classic Chignon

While perusing youtube yesterday, looking for some inspiration, I saw a video with someone doing a chignon.

She mentioned using a hair “donut” to make a perfect, full chignon.

WAIT!… I have a hair donut!!!!

I bought it about 6 months ago, but never really used it.

But today, I decided to dig it out of the bottom of my hair stuff basket and put it to use… because if it really did work, then I would be able to do a perfect chignon in 5 minutes or less!?!


Well ladies and gents… it worked! YAY!

It was so easy that I managed to do my hair, film and edit a tutorial, AND make dinner in less than an hour…. that’s what I call productivity people… hahaha

So, instead of writing down how I did it step by step, enjoy this quick video!

Let me know if you buy a hair donut or if there are any other little devices that you use to short cut a great hairstyle!

Any thoughts on some upcoming hairstyles for my challenge??

Your backcombing friend,