Day 8: Super-High Messy Bun

Today’s look has been seen EVERYWHERE on the red carpet and cat walks this past year.

(See Exhibit A)

There is a very fine line between cute and ridiculous… I let you be the judge of the pictures above.

While this look has been done in a variety of ways, but a bigger, messier bun  suits me much better than a structured cinna-bun (a la January Jones and Whitney) or tiny knot on the top of my head ( a la Chanel Iman and whoever that other chick is next to her) hehe.

I wear my hair like this a lot when I’m just hanging around the apartment… it keeps all my hair out of my face and off of my neck.

My only problem is, my massive amounts of hair create quite a large bun.

To achieve this look, just put your hair in a pony on the very top of your head.

Wrap it around, and secure with either bobby pins or another hair tie.

Total Time: 1 minute.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!