Day 9: “8” Double Bun

I had originally put my hair like this while it was still wet, hoping to get some waves from it, but when I looked at it in the mirror, I kinda liked it!

I ran out of bobby pins so I had to use the black clip to keep the two buns together.

I think that if I had planned my hair like that, and with some curled pieces falling out, it would look way cuter.

( I was struggling to take a picture of the back of my head as you can probably tell. haha)

Day 10: Old School Pig Tails

I used to rock pig tails a lot.

I was very much into team spirit in high school and I spent many Friday nights in the stands of the gym or football field being obnoxious in my blue and gold.


Insert embarassing high school photos here…

Anyways… back to the present.

I spent the majority of Saturday at home.

I was picking up the apartment, organizing, watching movies, and napping (my favorite).

It seemed like to best time to rock my favorite hairstyle from back in the day.

If you can’t tell… I get a little stir crazy when I’m at home for too long by myself.

Day 11: Braided Messy Bun

I’m fully aware that this is dangerously close to a couple other hairstyles that I had already done.


I had to get up super early on Sunday, I was going over to watch my friends 18 month old twins for the day.

Obviously, I was going for practicality rather than glamour with babysitting hair.

My hair was still wet when I threw it up, but I think that if you had some beachy, messy waves, it would look amazing.

I know that none of these are too exciting…

But it’s my hair and my blog, so get over it.


Happy Monday!

P.S.  I have been trying to upload this post since 1pm… geez.