Day 12: Beachy Waves

I know that I’ve been MIA these past couple days.


I thought I would make it up to you by actually doing my hair!


I actually didn’t wash my hair today… which is totally normal for some people.

Not for me.

I hate the feeling of second day hair.

I have fine, light hair, so it looks gross if it gets any oil at the roots at all.

And it looks so dull and blah…

Also, I hate the smell of my hair when it’s not freshly washed.

Maybe I have an over sensitive sense of smell or something, because I’ve asked people if my hair smells weird (you should see the looks I get…) and they say it doesn’t.


But I know that it’s super bad for your hair to wash it every day (or so they say), so I figured I would try.

I didn’t put any product in my hair yesterday, so I think that helped as well.

I also got my roots around my part a little wet and blow dried them… hoping to get some added volume.

Then I soaked my hair in dry shampoo… waited a minute for it to dry up… and brushed it out.

After a generous soaking of Aussie Sprunch Spray (I only bought it because it smells so good.), I curled my hair.

Don’t mind me… I felt the need to bring back the myspace drama looks from back in the day for the first 2 pictures.


If you want to know how I curled my hair, you can go to this post.

(I used the same curling technique in that video, just used bigger pieces of hair for today.)

And while, I’m still not too excited about having second day hair… I know that it’s feasible now.

I still can’t believe that there are people that only wash their hair a couple times a week… crazinessssss.

Well moving on…

I have been looking at some pictures from NYFW and they had a few cute styles… maybe I will start posting about some fun hair sightings..

We’ll have to wait and see!