I am still alive.


I have not abandoned you, I just haven’t felt too inspired lately to write about anything.

But now- I have a topic.

I’m getting bangs!

I am pretty sure that I am making this out to be much more of a “thing” than it really is…

Actually I know I am, when I went for a consult, the stylist came out and told me, “You know, bangs are really that big of a deal, you don’t need to worry so much- they grow back.”

Words of wisdom from Ivana, people…

So my inspiration for bangs is from 2 people:

1. Lea Michele’s gorgeous piecey eye-grazing bangs.

And also Carlie from the Shaytards show on Youtube.

(The pic is fuzzy because it is a screen shot from a video.)

If you don’t watch Shaytards , then you’re missing out!  Its a family that does daily vlogs (video blogs for those of you who didn’t know it was 2010), and just takes you along for the adventure.  Its definitely family-friendly, and its always funny!   Make sure you subscribe to their channel on YouTube so you can get their videos sent right to your inbox everyday!

Anyways… I’m excited to get bangs.

I haven’t had REAL bangs since I was super little.

I’ve had long, side swept bangs, but I don’t think those really count.

It will be a fun change without losing any length on my hair that I am going to try and grow out for a few months longer.

Katilette (Mommytard) on the Shaytards show has super long beautiful hair that goes down to her butt, and everytime I see her hair, I wish my hair would grow longer, faster.

I will show you some before and afters once I cut my hair… probably in a couple days, but we’ll see when I actually get around to doing it!

Until next time…

What’s your mane issue?