Ultimate Hair Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Carefree Waves

I think is one of my favorite hairstyles.  It’s so easy, but it looks so put together.  For more info on how to get this look, check out this post.

Short and Sweet,



Ultimate Hair Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: Rope Twist

So I’m not sure if I would call it a rope twist… but it’s my hairdo, so I guess I can call it whatever I want.


I started doing my hair like this as a way to get beachy waves that were a little more natural than those you get from a french braid.

Today I decided to just leave it up.

It’s a little messy because I have shorter layers that don’t want to stay put.

To get the look:

1.  Take  chunk of hair at the top of your head and separate into 2 pieces.

2. Twist one piece over the other.

3.  Continue to twist hair, grabbing pieces from the rest of your head similar to a french braid as you go.

4. When you get to the base of your neck, twist each of the two pieces in the opposite direction that you have been twisting.

5. After the you’ve twisted the pieces separately, rope twist the 2 pieces together and secure with an elastic.


Have a fantastic Friday 🙂

p.s. I have bunches of pictures from NYFW and I am putting together the must-do’s of Spring 2011 RTW 🙂

Ultimate Hair Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: Beachy Waves

I know that I’ve been MIA these past couple days.


I thought I would make it up to you by actually doing my hair!


I actually didn’t wash my hair today… which is totally normal for some people.

Not for me.

I hate the feeling of second day hair.

I have fine, light hair, so it looks gross if it gets any oil at the roots at all.

And it looks so dull and blah…

Also, I hate the smell of my hair when it’s not freshly washed.

Maybe I have an over sensitive sense of smell or something, because I’ve asked people if my hair smells weird (you should see the looks I get…) and they say it doesn’t.


But I know that it’s super bad for your hair to wash it every day (or so they say), so I figured I would try.

I didn’t put any product in my hair yesterday, so I think that helped as well.

I also got my roots around my part a little wet and blow dried them… hoping to get some added volume.

Then I soaked my hair in dry shampoo… waited a minute for it to dry up… and brushed it out.

After a generous soaking of Aussie Sprunch Spray (I only bought it because it smells so good.), I curled my hair.

Don’t mind me… I felt the need to bring back the myspace drama looks from back in the day for the first 2 pictures.


If you want to know how I curled my hair, you can go to this post.

(I used the same curling technique in that video, just used bigger pieces of hair for today.)

And while, I’m still not too excited about having second day hair… I know that it’s feasible now.

I still can’t believe that there are people that only wash their hair a couple times a week… crazinessssss.

Well moving on…

I have been looking at some pictures from NYFW and they had a few cute styles… maybe I will start posting about some fun hair sightings..

We’ll have to wait and see!

Ultimate Hair Challenge: Days 9-11

Day 9: “8” Double Bun

I had originally put my hair like this while it was still wet, hoping to get some waves from it, but when I looked at it in the mirror, I kinda liked it!

I ran out of bobby pins so I had to use the black clip to keep the two buns together.

I think that if I had planned my hair like that, and with some curled pieces falling out, it would look way cuter.

( I was struggling to take a picture of the back of my head as you can probably tell. haha)

Day 10: Old School Pig Tails

I used to rock pig tails a lot.

I was very much into team spirit in high school and I spent many Friday nights in the stands of the gym or football field being obnoxious in my blue and gold.


Insert embarassing high school photos here…

Anyways… back to the present.

I spent the majority of Saturday at home.

I was picking up the apartment, organizing, watching movies, and napping (my favorite).

It seemed like to best time to rock my favorite hairstyle from back in the day.

If you can’t tell… I get a little stir crazy when I’m at home for too long by myself.

Day 11: Braided Messy Bun

I’m fully aware that this is dangerously close to a couple other hairstyles that I had already done.


I had to get up super early on Sunday, I was going over to watch my friends 18 month old twins for the day.

Obviously, I was going for practicality rather than glamour with babysitting hair.

My hair was still wet when I threw it up, but I think that if you had some beachy, messy waves, it would look amazing.

I know that none of these are too exciting…

But it’s my hair and my blog, so get over it.


Happy Monday!

P.S.  I have been trying to upload this post since 1pm… geez.

Weekends + Blog Posts = Not Working

I am finding that that weekends are not a good time for blog posts.
I get out of my normal weekly swing of things.
I have been taking pictures and will have a post up either tomorrow or Monday with the whole weekend of looks.

p.s. I forgot it was fashion week…. lots of fun new hair ideas! yay!

Ultimate Hair Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: Super-High Messy Bun

Today’s look has been seen EVERYWHERE on the red carpet and cat walks this past year.

(See Exhibit A)

There is a very fine line between cute and ridiculous… I let you be the judge of the pictures above.

While this look has been done in a variety of ways, but a bigger, messier bun  suits me much better than a structured cinna-bun (a la January Jones and Whitney) or tiny knot on the top of my head ( a la Chanel Iman and whoever that other chick is next to her) hehe.

I wear my hair like this a lot when I’m just hanging around the apartment… it keeps all my hair out of my face and off of my neck.

My only problem is, my massive amounts of hair create quite a large bun.

To achieve this look, just put your hair in a pony on the very top of your head.

Wrap it around, and secure with either bobby pins or another hair tie.

Total Time: 1 minute.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Ultimate Hair Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Classic Chignon

While perusing youtube yesterday, looking for some inspiration, I saw a video with someone doing a chignon.

She mentioned using a hair “donut” to make a perfect, full chignon.

WAIT!… I have a hair donut!!!!

I bought it about 6 months ago, but never really used it.

But today, I decided to dig it out of the bottom of my hair stuff basket and put it to use… because if it really did work, then I would be able to do a perfect chignon in 5 minutes or less!?!


Well ladies and gents… it worked! YAY!

It was so easy that I managed to do my hair, film and edit a tutorial, AND make dinner in less than an hour…. that’s what I call productivity people… hahaha

So, instead of writing down how I did it step by step, enjoy this quick video!

Let me know if you buy a hair donut or if there are any other little devices that you use to short cut a great hairstyle!

Any thoughts on some upcoming hairstyles for my challenge??

Your backcombing friend,